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Artist Statement

In art, the concrete and the ambiguous occur simultaneously. For me each work represents an investigation; an inner journey; a personal map. As vehicle, path and destination merge, each serves as a means of synthesizing experience and creating wholeness; an aid in striving for connection, harmony and peace. In my paintings I strive to depict everyday with everyday language. I love the effects of letting go of trying too hard to make my painting look like a particular object; a little inaccuracy leaves the most excellent marks that make each piece unique. When painting I loose myself to the subject and the invisible realm of time, like the feeling I do not exist, but time exists in my painting and me. In my art, I focus on objects or landscapes that make me happy, for example light shining on a piece of nature or the bright colours of a sunset. My art shows memories from my na´ve childhood growing up in the countryside. It also represents places I have visited, so it is my life shown in paintings, give and take some. A moment can be captured with a camera – I am looking for that moment of something special as well as a feeling in my art. I do use photography in my art for inspiration, but I add or subtract and change the colours according to what I am feeling. I emphasize the inconsistency of emotions by the use of bold colours. Acrylic is my preferred medium, and my method of creating art is to apply paint directly on the surface. My work flows out of my personal experience, which I believe is similar to the experience of others. I am focusing on the psychological and emotional context: the fights, victories, attempts and failures life offers us. Painting is an important part of my life it leaves me energetic and grateful.

Hanne Murray 2011




Lady painted in ink